The Best Left-Handed Gaming Mouse For Right-Minded Gamers

Perhaps you’ve heard the phrase “left-handed people are in their right mind”? If not, you sure have now…because “science”. 🙂

It can certainly be a challenge being left-handed in such a right-handed world. I’m here to help you find the best left-handed gaming mouse on the market today.

Searching for Left-Handed Gaming Mice is Frustrating

I’ve said it before, but it needs repeating. That which determines what is the “best” mouse varies from person-to-person. Read my previous post about what makes a mouse the best.

Long-story short; you determine what makes a mouse the best. Palm size, finger length, personal preference, etc., all contribute to different experiences for each of us.

Another thing I’ve mentioned in previous posts is that I will almost always stick to the big three brands of gaming peripherals when determining what the “best” is. I simply cannot recommend cheap gaming mice when in your search for the best.

The only problem with my stance is that it further limits the options available for left-handed gamers. One statistic I’ve seen out there is that left-handed gamers are only about 10% of the market, which is why companies will focus on their right-handed brethren.

Below, I’ll first cover the options available through Razer. After that I’ll cover Logitech, and last but not least, I’ll touch on Corsair.

Razer Feels so Right…err…Left.

Razer knows how to make peripherals the right way. In this case, the left way (too many lefty puns?) as they have several ambidextrous mice available currently. Here’s a quick list of the currently available models that were made with left-handed gamers in mind.

  • Lancehead
  • Lancehead Tournament Edition
  • Atheris
  • Abyssus Essential
  • Abyssus V2

The Lancehead has the highest price-tag, and is a very nice wireless gaming mouse, while the tournament edition of the same is also very nice. Atheris is a great mobile mouse if you are on the move with a laptop and the two models of the Abyssus aren’t bad either.

Okay HandOverall if we’re looking for the “best”, then it’s the Lancehead Tournament Edition. The Lancehead T.E. has a 79.99 USD price-tag and a robust set of features which include 9 programmable buttons and up to 16,000 DPI.

This mouse meets my criteria for good price-to-quality balance. If you’re a hardcore left-handed gamer, then this may be the mouse for you.

Logitech for Lefties.

Logitech has a three ambidextrous options currently available. Here’s a quick list of those models:

  • G300S
  • G903
  • Pro WirelessOverpriced Logitech Mice

Both the Pro Wireless and the G903 have steep price-tags, sitting at 149.99 USD. I cannot condone spending that kind of cash on a gaming mouse. Even Razer tends to cap their prices at 129.99, which is still a bit steep if you ask me.

Each of the two expensive options feature Logitech’s “Lightspeed” wireless technology, which is just a fancy way of saying that the wireless connection is really good.

One cool thing about these two mice is Logitech’s “Powerplay” technology, which is basically a special, powered mouse pad that wirelessly charges the mouse even while you play. Pretty neat, but you’d have to be a hardcore gamer with plenty of cash to blow, or a pro-gamer, to spend this kind of money.

If you just need a left-handed mouse, then Logitech’s G300S could be the one for you. It has a 39.99 USD price-tag and comes with features you’d expect on a higher end gaming mouse, including; nine programmable buttons, dpi switching, and even programmable lighting.

Corsair, because Pirates can be Left-Handed too.

Left Handed PirateUnfortunately for lefties, Corsair doesn’t have a wide selection of ambidextrous gaming mice. In fact, they don’t have any selection. They have one. Considering that Corsair has only been doing peripherals for a few years now, that isn’t too bad.

Corsair’s ambidextrous model is called the Katar, and is an all-around decent mouse, especially for the 39.99 USD price-tag they have affixed to it.

Corsair calls the Katar “the gaming mouse in its purest form.” It features an 8000 DPI optical sensor with a compact and lightweight design that is “tuned for exceptional comfort and feel.” There are four programmable buttons as-well-as adjustable DPI settings.

This mouse is sleek and has everything one would need for gaming with a respectable price-tag. This could be the left-handed mouse for you.

Searching for a Left-Handed Gaming Mouse is no Small Feat

Searching is not Small FeatThere are certainly alternative options out there that I didn’t mention in this post. You could go cheap, but then you wouldn’t have been searching for the “best” and you certainly wouldn’t be in your right mind.

Razer has several options for ambidextrous gamers. The sole focus of their business is on peripherals, so you can rest assured that they are doing left, right. This pun was actually not intended, but it works!

Logitech’s ambidextrous models are just way too pricey. You really need to be a pro-left-handed-gamer if you’re going to throw $150 at a gaming mouse. That’s insane. The “Powerplay” feature is cool, but you’ll be dropping cash on the special mouse-pad in addition to the $150.

The affordable Logitech model, the G300S, to me, is ugly. That’s just my opinion, but there are much better looking options available, such as Corsair’s Katar which has the same 39.99 USD price-tag. The Katar is sleek.

For overall “best” ambidextrous model for left-handed gamers, the Razer Lancehead Tournament Edition has my vote. It meets my expectations for price-to-quality balance, and comes backed by Razer’s sheer awesomeness. The Corsair Katar is the runner-up, and is perfect if you don’t want to spend the extra $40 on a gaming mouse.

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