PC Gaming Peripherals Can Make Any PC Feel Awesome

There are so many choices for PC gaming peripherals out there these days, and any combination of them can make your PC experience so much more meaningful.

Open Arms

Whether you have a brand new gaming rig with all the fixins, or just a plain old desktop computer that you use to run a few select games, or no games at all and just random surfing or movies. Whatever it is, gaming peripherals can bring life to an otherwise normal room.

Ah, the memories…

There was a long time in my younger life where I longed to have a PC but couldn’t afford my own. I would hijack all of my friends’ computers, friends’ parents’ computers, parents’ work computers, etc., just to squeeze in a little gaming, even if that meant I had to search the internet for some free demo to download and install on dial-up internet.

I named my very first PC “Frankenstein” because I pieced it together from three other computers, teaching myself how to build PCs in the process. It was just good enough to run a particularly old MMORPG (Massively-Multiplayer-Online-Role-Playing-Game for those that might not know).

My second PC was the first one I actually paid money for, which was some Gateway I obtained from Best Buy. It was, in no way, a Gaming PC, however I purchased a Razer Gaming Mouse at the same time. That Razer mouse made my whole PC feel so much more substantial than a mere Gateway from Best Buy.

It was the Razer “Lachesis”, a model no longer sold by Razer, and featured blue LED lighting and some programmable buttons. I still have it to this day, though I don’t use it anymore. I loved that mouse. It felt so cool to see it shining bright in my darkened room, gaming until the wee hours of the morning.

Gaming Mice Look and Feel So Nice

Trying Not to Laugh TrollGaming mice are one of the least expensive upgrades you can make to any PC to give yourself a whole new feeling. A great deal of gaming mice these days have RGB (red, green, blue lighting) features which gives them a little something extra. Extra lighting consumes a bit more power, but if you use your PC at night, or in a darkened room, it is very much worth it, for anyone not just gamers (which I’ve posted about in the past).

From programmable buttons, to controllable DPI settings, the aforementioned ambiance, braided cords, or no cords at all, a good gaming mouse can make anyone’s PC experience an enjoyable one.

Gaming Keyboards for Slaughtering Hordes

I See What You Did There TrollA good keyboard is just as important as a good mouse. It’s your main way of interacting with any computer, and as such should be held in high regard.

Gaming keyboards with RGB lighting, like gaming mice, give such a cool ambiance to a darkened room. Even if you aren’t a gamer, those lighted keys can be extremely useful if you work late and don’t want to have your lights on anymore. Many gaming keyboards allow you to control the lighting these days. I tend to turn my lighting off until I am going to use the keyboard at night.

The tactile feedback of keys on a gaming keyboards, whether mechanical or otherwise, give a really cool feeling that is hard to describe in words.

Razer Gaming KeyboardOther nifty features that make your PC experience more nice could be media buttons for controlling volume or media players, as-well-as USB pass through so that you have a USB port or two in front of you and readily available for something like charging your phone, or like in my case, getting a webcam with an ultra-short cord to reach without drastically changing the layout of my desk.

Hedge Your Bets with Gaming Headsets

Derp TrollYep, I’m rhyming my headings. Why not?

Whether you play multiplayer or not, you’ll want a good gaming headset. They typically have great sound quality, even the more affordable ones.

If you do play multiplayer games then all the more reason to have a good gaming headset. The quality of the microphone will make for a more enjoyable experience for your party members that you need to be in constant communication with.

Steelseries Gaming HeadsetAs most gamers play for many hours at a time, they are engineered to be more comfortable than your average headset and tend to look pretty sick as well. I hope anyone reading this knows that “sick” is slang for awesome, but if you didn’t then now you do!


Try a New Fad with a Gaming Mouse Pad

Are You Kidding TrollI know, I know. I’m trying a bit too hard with these rhyming headings, but I’ve come this far…

Gaming mouse pads are a whole new thing to me. I mean, I have a gaming mouse pad from a few years back, but back then a gaming mouse pad was really just a bigger mouse pad that could be flipped over for a different texture on each side.

That is still true, but now we’re seeing powered mouse pads, which I think are really cool.

First, you’ve got mouse pads with a cool under glow with controllable colors. If that wasn’t cool enough, now there are gigantic gaming mats that are for both keyboard and mouse, which come in powered and non-powered varieties.

Razer Goliathus Extended Chroma

What’s more, the most recent bit of awesome are powered mouse pads that can wirelessly charge a wireless mouse while you play. This pretty much solves the one main problem I’ve always had with wireless mice, that they could potentially die on you at a critical time if you forgot to charge, or replace, a battery (though even these high-end wireless mice aren’t perfect so I still prefer a wired mouse).

Gaming Peripherals Have Come a Long Way

Heck, I only talked about core peripherals. I haven’t even gone into the sheer awesomeness of today’s PC monitors, monitor desk mounts, wall mounts, desks, chairs, towers, streaming webcams, etc., etc. There’s so many options out there to make your PC gaming room ultra comfy, cozy.

Razer is Awesome

For me, it took nothing more than my first gaming mouse to set me on a path that would re-define how I looked at the world of PC gaming peripherals. Who knew that a mouse could be so much more than just a mouse, and instead become a focal point of my bedroom?

Don’t get me wrong, the world of PC gaming peripherals is big-business these days, and you’ll certainly have to pay a bit to get some of the crazy-beautiful setups you’ll see out there on the internet, but it could all start simply with nothing more than a mere mouse that shines in the darkness.

If you’ve read this far, then thanks so much! Have any plans to upgrade your PC setup, or have you already? I’d love to hear from you. Please feel free to leave a comment below if you have any questions or if you feel like sharing some of your own, personal stories about your gaming evolution.

2 thoughts on “PC Gaming Peripherals Can Make Any PC Feel Awesome”

  1. Kevin, I can relate to you on so many levels. I also do remember, how much better my feel about the Pc improved, gaming and interacting with it, once I got an awesome mouse. Me and my brother also lived with a Frankenstein of our own when we were just kids. It also wasn’t really a high-performer, but it worked for us. That time we had these old, they’re called analog-mouses? I might be wrong here.
    Those absolutely did not feel good. Yet again, we worked with what we had.

    I’m also considering the gigantic gaming mat you touched upon. My brother has one. Absolutely amazing stuff. In this regard, I had no idea there are ones that can charge your wireless mouse in the process. I totally agree that this makes wireless mouses viable.

    Cheers, Kevin! Have a Great One!

    1. Hey Matiss,

      Thanks so much for sharing! So many good memories on my Frankenstein PC, and mine was not very performant either. Analog mice, yes indeed. The good ol’ ball with the rollers that get dirty every few months. Good times.

      I’m so glad to hear that you enjoyed my post. Thanks again for stopping by. Come back soon! 🙂

      Best Regards,


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