Computer Gaming Mice Aren’t Just For Gamers

You don’t need to be a gamer to take advantage of computer gaming mice. The word “gaming” is really just a marketing strategy due, in part, to the fact that PC gamers like to spend money on their gaming PCs and typically like to have a mouse that matches the sheer awesomeness of their rig.

You could really just think of them as “computer awesome mice” and it would still be true.

Gaming Mice are Awesome

A nice gaming mouse can add a touch of style to anyone’s computer setup, and as they are typically engineered to fit nicely in your hand and take a beating. Due to the latter, they can last a much longer time in the hands of a non-gamer, especially when compared to standard mice.

Below, I’ll give you four not-so-bad reasons why a non-gamer can benefit from a gaming mouse, which of course all apply to anyone that considers them self a “gamer” that is still using a regular old, plain-jane mouse. For one, they’re ergonomically designed. For two, they’re smooth. Third, they’re reliable. Finally, they just look good.

Comfort Grip – Feels So Nice.

Computer Gaming Mice Not Just for GamersComputer gaming mice are designed to be used by individuals who spend A LOT of time at their computers. There are wide arrays of designs for every hand size and finger length, and there are even some designed to be fully customizable so that they’ll fit anyone’s hand.

Almost every gaming mouse today has extra buttons that can be bound to different actions with a quick-click, within reach of your fingers but also even your thumb! I find the thumb button to be quite useful.

Some gaming mice even feature small weights that can be added to or removed from inside the mouse to give it a little of a more (or less) substantial feel as you move it around. It all comes down to personal preference.

The many sizes, textures, and overall “feel” of the mouse can make it tricky to buy one online for a non-gamer. It’s advisable to find physical stores, such as a Best Buy, where you can go in and give the mice a test drive.

When you find one you like, perhaps consider coming back to my site and buying one via my soon-to-come affiliate links so that I get a little kick-back. 😉 No worries if not, just make sure you’re happy with your purchase.

Smooth Scrolling – From Screen to Shining Screen.

I know, I know. How can one mouse scroll smoother than the next? Well, between the on-the-fly customizable “DPI” (Dots per Inch) settings, and the ability to increase the “polling” rate, the rate at which the PC checks for the position of the cursor, gaming mice are smooth as silk on a baby’s behind. Too much?

People that have more than one large monitor, with high-density resolutions, that don’t play first-person shooter games can benefit from an increase to their DPI which will result in smaller movements to make the cursor move farther across the screen.

Dual Monitor Gaming Rig

Conversely, people that need meticulous movements, such as my go-to example, Graphic Designers, can benefit from lowered DPI so that they can slowly move the cursor even with really large moments of their hand.

The ability quickly switch between DPI settings depending on what you are currently doing can benefit any PC user, not just gamers.

All of that said, a non-savvy PC user, admittedly, probably won’t really notice any difference.

Reliable Clicking – Clicks for Days.

Let’s face it, gaming mice were made to be beaten up. Gamers constantly click in rapid-succession in many game genres, such as MMO’s and first-person shooters.

There’s rarely a gamer that hasn’t gone into a rage and slam clicked on their mouse repeatedly after dying, wanting to blame their mouse for not clicking fast enough. I’ve been there, and believe me. It wasn’t the mouse’s fault.

Computer gaming mice are designed to take a beating, so non-gamers that take it easy can benefit from a longer life-span.

LED Lighting – Light Up Your Life.

L.E.D. Gaming MouseFrom static, single-colors, to multi-colored rainbows that cycle through various colors, gaming mice just all-around look good, especially in dark rooms. Not all gaming mice have LED features, but most gamers like to play in the dark and mice, especially gaming mice, are typically black so it is beneficial to be able to quickly find them in the dark.

Plus, they just look good.

Okay, so non-gamers typically aren’t vain when it comes to their PC peripherals, but “looking good” could still be a reason for a non-gamer to own a computer gaming mouse.

Ditch the Standard Mouse.

Any non-gamers that actually read this article and made it this far still might not be convinced why they would spend an extra $60 or more to own something that they do nothing more than surf the internet or play Solitaire with (Solitaire’s still a game), but that’s okay.

The bottom-line is that gaming mice are designed to be better, faster, and stronger than their non-gaming cousins. You could say that they’re survivors, and they’re not gonna’ give up. 😀

In the hands of a non-gamer, survivability means you’re getting a piece of equipment that should stand the test of time and look darn good on your desk in the process. The big brand names in gaming mice are; Razer, Corsair, and Logitech. My personal preference is Razer, but I’ve owned various models from each and all of them have their merits.

Check out my review of a few select Razer gaming mice.

My recommendation to any non-gamer that has some extra money to spend is to ditch your standard mouse and upgrade to something awesome.

Time to Upgrade

I hope you enjoyed this post.  Let me know if you have any questions or comments in the comment section below.

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